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BIOFOOD “Pressed Mini Puppy & Small Breeds”. The highest Dutch quality standards. High quality natural raw materials. Whole pressed dog food. 69% beef, chicken and corn. Contains herbs, salmon oil with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Formula without wheat and gluten. Protein / fat content (28/15). A product with a pleasant taste and easy to digest. Lightly heated pellets do not burden the stomach. Ideal for whimsical and speechless eaters. Without artificial additives. Optimal nutrition for better digestibility, harder stools and your dog’s health. Designed for young dogs and for the nutrition of adult small breed dogs at all stages of life.

Ingredients : dried beef (32%), corn * (22%), dried poultry (15%), poultry fat, whey powder, salmon fat (3 g / kg), flaxseed, lecithin, inulin (source of FOS), l -carnitine, protein powder, echinacea (* without skin). Packs of 5 kg are available 4050 Kcal / kg.

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Feeding tips:

For small varieties

Dog weight Daily dose
1 kg 35g
2kg 55g
3kg 70g
4kg 85g
5kg 100g
6kg 115g
7kg 125g
8kg 135g
10kg 160g
12kg 185g
14kg 205g
16kg 225g
20kg 265g

For growing puppies

Dog weight Daily dose by age group
1.5-3 months 4-5 months 6-10 months
1kg 75g 45g 35g
3kg 135-170g 95g 75g
5kg 200-250g 135g 110g
8kg 285-355g 195g 155g
10kg 335-415g 230g 185g
15kg 450-565g 310g 245g
20kg 560-700g 380g 305g
25kg 660-825g 450g 360g
30kg 515g 415g
35kg 580g 465g
40kg 640g 515g
45kg 560g
50kg 605g

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5 Kg

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